Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Featured: Mademoiselle S

I'm pleased to introduce to you the newest addition of my blog!It's called "Featured" and every week I will post an interview with a fashion blogger or another interesting person of my choice.There will be bloggers from different countries,ages,representing various styles and having their own unique inspiration.Sometimes there will be people doing completely different thing.As a journalist I am always ready to give questions and receive answers.

I am very very excited because I was planning on doing it for a while,that was one of the main reasons why I started blogging.I wanted to connect with people all over the globe,talk with them,exchange ideas and point of views.So be ready for some more interviews coming up.

My first and special guest is a fashion blogger I was following for some time now and I was impressed with her style that is a mixture of grunge,bohemian,vintage with a romantic vibe.Her sweet and innocent personality sparkles throughout our conversation.Don't forget to go and see her charming blog Mademoiselle S and enjoy our lovely talk.

Let's start by hearing a little about Savina? Tell me something about yourself.

My name is Savina Nikolova and I'm 20 year old girl from Sofia, Bulgaria. I recently moved to France with the idea of following my dream and to study arts and fashion here. I live all alone with my white cat, Puhi. I love drawing and I love writing on my personal fashion blog.

How long have you been blogging and what made you start?

I've been blogging for 5 months. What made me start? I really don't remember because I was thinking of doing my own fashion blog for a year before I started this one. I guess, I was influenced by other fashion bloggers and I wanted to create my personal place to show my style ideas, outfits, art works, etc.

What has changed for you since you started your blog?

My budget! But in a good way! I started to shop more wisely and to plan for the future. Before I started my own fashion blog, I was buying everything I like, without thinking whether I will wear it twice or not. Now, I buy things only when they are needed and when I can use them in the future.

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2012

Burberry was always a brand with a name,founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry,they started as designing sturdy outerwear sold out of a shop in Hempshire.Since then their biography became richer and respectable enough that Queen Elizabeth ІІ awarded the house a Royal Warrent.

Everybody wants a cosy Burberry trench coat and their Prorsum Fall 2012's collection is here to prove that in many years to come the designer house will rule the fashion world of not only England but the whole world.

  • Trends: Cropped jackets, peplum
  • Colors: brown, wine, hunter green,mustard 
  • Key Piece: Cropped bomber jackets,thin bow belts,owl shirts
  • Accessories: Oxford heels, doctor bags, interesting umbrellas

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Celebrity Style Watch: Emma Stone

Aren't red haired girls charming?Remember Julianne Moore,Amy Adams,Alyson Hannigan,Isla Fisher and Marsha Cross.All of them stunning beauties with gorgeous fire hair!
I have always admired women with natural red hair,it looks so unique and pretty but I am not that brave to dye my hair red.I believe it can be a disaster!

Today I decided to have a close look at one cute red haired girl-Emma Stone(natural blond but red at heart).Recently everyone was her in the new Spiderman movie alonside her boyfriend Andrew Garfield.Her sweet personality and a charming smile bought her the first noticable role in Easy A,after the audience and spotted her talent she landed parts in Friends with Benefits,Crazy Stupid Love and The Help.With some intriguing new movies coming up this year her star is always shining bright in the night sky of Hollywood.

Emma's everyday style can be described as chic and classy,sophisticated rather than extravagant.Wearing long coats,riding boots and spotted with a beautiful Lanvin bags,Emma can be a true fashion inspiration.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Warm Sunday Wish list

It's Sunday...the end of the week.I sit in the kitchen waiting for my meat (15 more minutes!) to be cooked and since it's so cold outside I decided to make a Warm Sunday Wish list.
I can't believe it's the end of October and it's barely 7 degrees out there. Covered with my "throw blanket" I am typing this post to show you what my cold hands want!

p.s just kidding,it's really warm in the house but I am still not used to the coldness outside!

1.Owl hat!-I have been looking for a proper one for quite some time but I think I set my eyes on this one from Dorothy Perkins.
2.Asymmetric cardigan-In my previous post about fall must haves,these layered,long cardigans were mentioned and this particular one caught my attention:)
3.Vero Moda Circle scarf- You just can't go wrong with an infinity scarf this season.
4.Opi Pink Friday- This is my nail polish selection for today.It is feminine,romantic and looks very comforting to me.That's why I love it!
5.Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra- I prefer nude lipsticks and this one I find suitable for my skin complexion.
6.Kohl's riding boots -Every girl needs at least a pair riding boots for the cold rainy days.
7.Knitted headband- It's perfect when you don't want to put a hat and it still keeps your forehead and ears warm.
8.Bucket shoulder bag-Ever since I saw Stella McCartney's chain leather bag I fell in love with them,so my choice for today is another version of it.

I'd be happy if you share your thought with me! :)


Saturday, 27 October 2012

7 "must haves" for your fall wardrobe

I decided it's time to share with you my fall wardrobe "must haves".It's just my opinion and the way I see the fall through the eyes of a fashion enthusiast.It would be great if you give me some comments what you think and do you have your own fall must have list.


We all know that they go well with everything-jeans,trousers,pencil skirts,denim skirts,elegant dress,heels,flats etc.It is one of the most versatile items ever.Work with colours,put a T-shirt and a statement necklace and you can have your everyday look very easily.

2. Over-sized scarf

Scarves are one of the most comfortable clothing pieces, just the right item to finish your look.They go well with pretty much every sweater,blouse or T-shirt and if you live somewhere with colder winter,it's exactly what you need.

3.Over-sized sweaters

Two words-warmth and comfort!That's all I can say about them.Highly recommended! :)

4.Long cardigan

It can be worn with a T-shirt,blouse or a tank top,very versatile and comfortable.You can accessorise it with a thin belt,this way it will highlight your waist.

5. Black studded leather bag

I like leather bags and now with all "studded" items out there,why not choosing leather bag with studs?Of course as an animal lover I always make sure that it's not real leather.

6.Riding boots

Every girl need a at least one pair riding boots,they are super warm and perfect if you need to spend all your day walking.

7.A beanie

Whether you chose the knitted or the woven one,the beanie is warm and comfy-perfect for those cold days that you just want to stay home but have to go to uni or work.

I hope you all enjoyed my fall "must haves" wardrobe suggestions.I you have a similar post about your suggestions,please give me a link in the comments so I can see it as well.
Thanks for reading!


Friday, 26 October 2012

Something wicked this way comes...

Are you all getting ready for Halloween?It's again that special time of the year where you can be anyone from a sexy cat woman to a terrifying queen of evil.And that's the beauty of the holiday.
I haven't really celebrated Halloween...ever.I know it's strange but I was born and raised in Bulgaria,a country that cherish many holidays but not this one.
Maybe that's the reason I find it very interesting and fascinating.I wrote a little piece on it,it's called It's almost Halloween and it features some decoration ideas and last minute outfits propositions including dress like Rachel from Glee,Gaby from Desperate Housewives and Wednesday from The Adams Family(see them below).

Are you planning to dress up?Do you have a costume or you will make something in the last moment?

Consider some last minute outfits!


Lovely accessories

First, I want to thank you all for the amazing comments,I appreciate you taking time to write me something nice :)
And second,my next article for Mixities in online now,it's about James Bond Girls it's called "Bond Girls-the object of desire",if you have some time on your hands or you are a Bond fan exited for Skyfall,feel free to read it!

Today I've been browsing through Etsy and my trinkettes, new obssessions of mine,and I found some really nice accessories I wanted to share with you.I love those cute and unique pieces which are somehow made just for you.

1.Leather bracelet
2.Heart ring
3.Giraffe necklace
4.Carpe diem ring (it reminds me of a dear friend)
5.Long earings!
6.Moon necklace
7.Pearl earings
8.Love ring

I hope you liked my suggestions,if you have any favourite pieces,give me a link below 'cause I love exchanging ideas! :)


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Making Shopping Social

Shopping online was never something I truly liked,maybe because I had a bag experience once with ordering a particular dress but when the package came it was nothing like what I saw in the pictures.It was way too big,different fabric was one word a disaster!

But living in the age of online shopping I couldn't escape it.Slowly but surely I start using Ebay,which is absolutely amazing!Then came Amazon and finally I started shopping clothes from different brands like Urban Outfitters,H&M,Boohoo etc.At first I only started doing it because some of the online shops didin't have a store where I lived so I didn't have any choice but to trust I am shopping online a lot of clothes,accessories and a lot of things I need for my house,so I was looking for some sites offering good deals and I found several really great ones(I will make a list soon,I promise!).

My newest discovery is a website called Mallzee,which is going to officially launch later this year but you can have a special preview.Users can create their own personalized shopping mall(Mallzee) by picking their favourite brands and stores.The special software then creates an unique selection of productes matching your own personal style and showcases them in your personal Mall.

The special thing about the website is that you can browse your friends online wardrobes,create polls and even integrate your facebook chat in it.

But the best thing I left for last.An added bonus to inviting friends to your mallzee is that as the ‘owner’ you earn money every time anyone buys from your Mallzee, including you! 

Currently over 200 brands are signed up with the website,I can see that some of my favourite ones are there too- Urban Outfitters,New Look,Feel Unique and St.Tropez.

There is also a current competition to win £100 ($155)!

I really want to see the website working and try making my own mall with a special selection of clothes!

What do you think,leave your comments below regarding Mallzee or just to share opinion on shopping online! :) 

Elegance and sophistication from Lanvin Fall 2012

One of the first Fashion Houses in Paris,Lanvin introduced their Fall 2012 collection in the New York's Fashion Week.
Elegance and Paris sophistication were the two words describing the event and the collection.Dresses following the woman's figure,peplum skirts,leather and fur for the winter were some of the highlights of the runway show.

Even though Lanvin are one of the oldest Fashion Houses in Paris they managed to remain relevant to the present and presenting their black and white winter wear,followed by a solid colour silhouette,peplum dresses.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

15 inspirational living rooms

Interior design was never a huge interest of mine...not until recently.After spending considerable amount of time reading Architectural Digest I kind of started having a crush on beautiful living rooms,boho bedrooms,vintage kitchens and cosy fireplaces along with bright colours,unique decoration and ornaments.I even started gathering pictures around the web of what my future home will be.Everyone can dream,right? Here is a selection of some living rooms I find truly beautiful.

P.S Beware I have a huge obsession with decorative lights for bedrooms and handmade decoration that are coming in the next posts! :)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Current wish list

I have never done a wish list before but I saw it on a couple of blogs and I decided to make one of my own.I combined a couple of things I saw lately and here is what I believe it will be a good addition to my wardrobe ;)

1.Grey beanie- AllSaints
2.Owl sweater -NewLook
3.Yellow Brick Cold Scarf-Modcloth
4.Bird on a wire necklace-Oliver Bonas
5.Essie mint candy
6.Handbag-Sam Edelman
7.Hair bow clip- Dorothy Perkins

Give links in the comments below to your wish lists,so I can check them out! :)

Collection 2000 Maxiflex 5 Day Wear Nail Polish - 12ml Powder Blue (Google Affiliate Ad)

Monday, 22 October 2012

Crafty Monday

It's been a long time since I last selected favourite crafts from you,guys.But I am back on track with more wonderful creations you have made.I wish I was at least half this talented but let's face it- nobody is equally good at everything.

So embrace yourselves for some crafts!

First i chose "how to make an infinity scarf from old sweater".I was pleasantly surprised to find this blog Fab You's a pure treasure!If you are a fan of great photography and good ideas,this is the place for you.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

DIY:Lovely pictures on the walls!

My newest/oldest obsession is displaying pictures on the walls.I like being comfortable in my own room and especially when I am away from my family and friends.I can't explain what does it feel like to be away sometimes and only those of you who live abroad can really understand that feeling.
But let's not get nostalgic :) What I really wanted to say is that I got that desired comfort from putting pictures on my wall,having little lights on the ceiling and all those little things that make your life easier and way more enjoyable when you get home from work.

If you are thinking about displaying all those lovely memories you have,here are some ideas how to make it work with your interior.

Celebrity Style Watch:Nina Dobrev

Today I am starting a new let's say "column".Every week I will be showing you one celebrity presenting his/her style that cought my attention.Today the celebrity I have chosen is the bulgarian born actress Nina Dobrev.Some of you may know her from the CW's series "The Vampire Diaries",where she plays Elena Gilbert/Katerina Petrova.

Her style can't be described with one word-she can be glamorous at the Emmys, the next day you can see her in a boho dress at a music festival with her boyfriend or wearing a short silhouette dress for a fashion photoshoot.Either way she is an inspiration to a thousands of screaming fans of the vampire saga.
Nina's everyday wear doesn't differ too much from yours,she looks like an average young girl with skinny jeans,t-shirts,aviator's sunglasses and boots.If you want to follow her style,get to the nearest store and buy a beanie.It's a must have!

Leave in the comments below which is your favourite celebrity style...who knows I may feature it here soon! :) 

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