Saturday, 26 October 2013

Do you have a confession to make?

I recently came across that amazing public art project called "Confessions". Based in Vegas, USA  in 2012, the project invites people anonymously to share their confessions and read the things other people have written. By the end of the exhibition over 1500 people have shared their deepest confessions some serious, other funny, disturbing or just random as I still love her two girlfriends and five years later., I am scared I will die alone, I eat too much cheese, I am in love with my best friend...too bad he is married, I like porn more than my husband does,After 15 years of marriage I am more in love today than ever, I don't know what I am doing and I am running out of time.
Every sentence represents a whole new world, another life filled with happiness and sadness,dreams,hopes and regrets.And you can easily find yourself somewhere between the words written by other people.

So what is your confession?

For more information about this art project visit the official website of the creator Candy Chang. Her project was also Before I die, which I have also mentioned in a post in my blog.

It's been forever...

It has been forever since I last wrote something in my blog... I know, I is very irresponsible of me to "ditch" it like that. But believe me it has been such eventful months and I can't even put a really good reason why I didn't write a was  work, then personal life, summer etc... But the "dry" period is over. I am not going to promise that I will write everyday but hopefully every week at least one post :)
Let's see if I can stick up to that promise.
Just to say sorry again I have prepared this feel good weekend set which consists of a PJ set from Forever 21 and cute slippers from H&M :) That's how I will enjoy my weekend comfortably in bed with a good read and a hot chocolate :) Have a nice weekend everyone!

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