Thursday, 15 November 2012

Beware!Adorable cushions everywhere!

My home interior inspiration is growing and growing everyday!After planning the Christmas decoration I explored the unknown territory of cosy living rooms with pastel colours and soft furniture.I found out that cushions are every girl's best friend when it comes to decoration.They are comfortable,always easy to DIY or just find some really unique ones online.
Here I have gathered my selection of cushions for the season.

Next offers a great variety of small comfy cushions this season in various colours,but I mainly prefer the purple and the white ones as you can see from my selection.It's always fun to see that pop of colour when you enter a living room especially around the Christmas season so the Velvet Stripe Mauve Cushion is perfect for that case.The Round Ruchet Cream Cushion gives you comfort and that extra special touch to your home.Imagine a cold winter Sunday afternoon reading your favourite book,sitting on your sofa,surrounded by lovely warm and soft cushions,drinking your favourite tea.Mmm...that picture in my mind is pure perfection!

If you want to make your home fun and unique you can choose from those DIY cushions or you can design it yourself!
You know there is no better place than Etsy for that purpose-the owl cushion,the hand-embroided,the angel wings and the ocean calls me home ones are all hand made gorgeous!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post!I genuinly do like all the items in this post and be sure that I won't make a publications with products/items/clothes I don't like!: )

Thanks for reading!I appreciate all your lovely comments!

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  1. I love those camera cushions! Great post :)

  2. oh my! this post made me want to redecorate my room all the more! :)

    followed you back. :)

    THe Pink Lemonade Girl

  3. Love those camera cushions! They are gorgeous!


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