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Featured: Catwalk to casual

First I want to thank all of you who send me e-mails suggesting fashion bloggers for my Featured column.I will try to fulfil all of your requests collaborating them with mine.
Today here you will find my Q&A with the lovely owner of Catwalk to casual Nesrin Bozlak,who is a young Fashion Design student from The Netherlands.Take a cup of tea in the cold autumn evening and enter her world as she contemplates on her dreams,her blogger experience and student life.

Hello,Nesrin!Tell me more about yourself and how you started blogging?

Hello,my name is Nesrin Bozlak, I'm a 19 years old 'Fashion Design' student from Holland. My origin is Turkish but I was born and raised in Holland. I've been following lots of fashion bloggers for a long time. Which made me decided to have my own space where I can share my interests. I've opened my blog two years ago but I had never posted anything. Buying myself a camera was the right time to start blogging.

Where did your entrance into the fashion world really begin?

I decided to study Fashion Design 4 years ago, which totally changed my whole idea about the future. It isn't actually the fashion world, but I think that it's a good start.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style... Well, I've to say that I like lots of different things. I can't say that I'm totally in the chicness or that I'm totally in the black style. It depends on how I'm feeling in the morning, where I'm going, with who I am, the weather etc. you know.. This is a question which I can not answer correctly. I love to wear very comfortable clothes with an extra touch, in a feminine way. I think people never should force themselves because of a trend, you have to feel comfortable, confident, strong, pretty, but as a woman also feminine. That's very important to me. I love the oversized and boyfriend look but if I don't feel feminine I feel totally insecure. One day I'm in a black outfit and the other day I'm wearing skirts or red. I guess that's how I would describe my style.

What patterns, trends and colours do you think will be big in 2013?

To be honest I totally don't concentrate on 2013, haha. I know that the light pastel colours will be back in the upcoming summer. But also white might be very important, which made me very very happy. White is something I'd love to wear. But about the patterns? Very bad of me, but I haven't got a clue at the moment. I've still time to follow the new trends. Time flies very fast, I almost forget that we're already entering 2013.  

Are there any trends you are particularly inspired by this season?

The military and army trend wasn't totally my 'thing'. I'm open for difference so I've to say that I've worn it often. But the burgundy trend is definitely something I love to wear, which I've also worn before it became a trend. The studded trend was just fun for a little time, to my opinion it's a bit annoying that it staid for so long.

Who are your fashion icons?

Miroslava Duma and Olivia Palermo are definitely one of my favourites. Miroslava because of her incredible sense of style, her outfits are totally strong. No matter what she's wearing. Sometimes it isn't my own style at all, but I like her difference, the matching and the attitude she has. Olivia is always looking very chic and feminine in her own way.

When you are feeling stumped, where do you turn for inspiration?

That's a good question. I'm reading a lot of magazines, so when I'm planning an outfit post I've always something in my mind to write and to wear. But when I'm in a bad mood, I just pick something a haven't worn and try to match that with other pieces. It maybe sounds weird, but I'm painting my nails always before sleeping. So if I totally don't have a clue I'll try to match something to the colour of my nails.

What advice would you give college students who are looking to build a versatile wardrobe on a tight budget?

Do not buy a tons of things (it isn't that easy as said) because of a low price. You can't wear things which has a bad bad quality for over years. Save your money and lay it aside. Buy valuable pieces and things that will stay good for over the years.

What do you do when you're not blogging?

I'm a student, which means that a have a lot of school work to do. I'm also spending a lot of time with my lovely boyfriend, who is also my photographer. We're trying to enjoy everything of life together. Besides that I'm doing sports like jogging, swimming and yoga. Going out, shopping, reading, some very girly and seriously things.

What do you hope to achieve through your fashion blog?

I'm busy with a few collaborations at the moment. I'm also busy 
with a project, which I will present in the future. I'm trying to experience different things, photographing while there are people around. I want to travel to whole world and share my passion. I want to meet other bloggers, designers, visiting fashion shows. I hope my readers can feel my passion and my love for fashion and nature. I just want to be a successful blogger, as every other blogger want to be.

What camera do you use to make these nice pictures?

I'm using the Nikon D5100. I was using the 18-55 mm lens for a little time but I found it very bad. Last week I bought myself a 70-300 mm, which I wanted for a long time. In the future I will also buy a 50 mm lens. My dream camera is the Nikon D7000.

What is the best blogging tip you can give to my readers?

Always be yourself! Try things you've never done and be an open person, improve and develop yourself. Be honest to yourself and to others. People have to like you because it is you, not because you're pretending to be someone else. And the most important: keep yourself motivated, live the fullest of life!

Thanks guys for the lovely comments!Continue sending me suggestions with your favourite bloggers for my column Featured!



  1. Very simple, yet lovely outfit! Love the accessories as well!

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog,you have beautiful pics!!


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