Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Things that inspire me: The Northern Lights

You may probably know from my "About" section that one of my dreams is to see the Northern Lights.The closest I was to seeing them was in March while I was studying in Glasgow,the forecast said that there is a huge posibily of seeing them over the night.I spend so much time of my evening just looking at the sky and waiting for just a glimpse of them...but I didn't see a thing.
I was disappointed but I know that I will get the chance to go somewhere north one day ...Norway or Iceland and I will get to see them dancing in the sky.

I don't know how I got so excited about the Northern Lights.I saw a documentary on BBC,I think it was called Joanna Lumley in the Land of the Northern Lights a few years ago and then I kept looking for more information and pictures and maybe that's how it started. For me it's like a fairy tale,something so magical and enigmatical and so beautifully inexplicable that can't be properly described. One can just stare and enjoy it without saying a word...that's exactly what I am planning to do once I see them-just stand there bewitched while all my fantasies and dreams come together.
And then for sure I will have my own pictures,but until then I can't keep my eyes off of these.

I found the documentary I was talking about,here it is.

Do you have a dream like mine?Or you have already seen the Northern Lights?


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