The Other Side of the World is a newly founed lifestyle blog featuring fashion, beauty, photography,thoughts,home interior,DIY and everything that can be an interet to me. It is made and written by me-Borislava,a twenty something year old girl originally from Bulgaria,but living in London,UK. I am a graduate from The University of Glasgow who is writing for a an online magazine and keeping this blog in between.

Reviews and featured items:

If you’d like to send me an item to feature into an outfit post or a review ,please contact me! 
The item need to be close to my personal style and I need to like it in order to make a post about it.It is not fair to either of us to write about something you don't really like.
I believe it is okay to write about something that you are interested in and not about something just for the sake of the free stuff,so please don't be offended by this! :) 


If you think my readers would love to know about you, email me for more information on my amazingly low rates!Whether you advertise your store,botique,your own blog or something else,an edvert here will cost you only £5. There are only a few spots available each month so don't hesitate to contact me.! 

Email me

There are approximately 8 to 10 spots available each month.All profits from advertising here will go to promote this blog-The Other Side of the World!
The advert banner should be 200px wide and can be between 90px and 200px tall.It is up to you :)

Here are two example:



If you’d like to offer an item for a giveaway on my blog please contact me on my e-mail!If you think you have something my readers would love to win then don’t hesitate to let me know and we will arrange it.

Contact me anytime:

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