Saturday, 3 November 2012

Lazy Sunday wish list

Another lazy Sunday is today and here I am making my dream wish list for this week.The fact that many of the items on my wish list are wintery and cosy is that I spend the whole day today touring London streets,especially Soho,China town and around Westminster and my favourite place here- Big Ben, but it was so cold that the only thing I wanted was to have more clothes on me. :)
It was a day for a coffee and a good walk around the city,even though the downtown is not a place to just have a nice walk,because everyone is minding their own business and rushing around holding cups of coffee and talking on their phones. Busy...busy London!

Please bear in mind that I was so cold today that this wish list came into my mind!Definitely some must have items for a freezing winter...with a glimpse of the long gone summer.

1.Boohoo sweater- Love Boohoo!It's so bohemian( of course) and laid back!Just the perfect sweater for a cold day where you need something comfortable and cosy to wear.
2.Nude Organza Floral Skirt-that the glimpse of summer I was talking about is still wearable in winter though,just need a pair of nice leggings and a warm trench coat.
3.Ralph Lauren Knit Touch Gloves-everybody needs a pair of warm gloves for the season.
4.Bank Sluch Beanie- my obsession with beanies is all over the place this season,I can buy one every time I am out shopping.
5.Romwe cat face jumper-even though it's sold out I will wait if they will have it again so I can order one,It's always useful to invest in a comfortable jumper and I know Romwe have a very good quality items.
6.Nars Lipstick in Niagara
7.So taffy together scarf in lemon-Modcloth have a great variety of winter accessories as always.
8.Butter London nail polish- I am digging this colour for the summer but I still like it for the fall.

Hope you liked my wish list!Give me links to your current wish lists so we can exchange ideas,I always love seeing yours! :)



  1. Great list! lovin the cat sweater and the skirt.

  2. I loooooove the skirt :)))))

  3. that skirt is amazing. and the other items as well.
    thanks so much for your comment! you have a lovely blog<3
    I followed you with GFC and Bloglovin. I would love if you could follow me back <3

    Lali pops of colour

  4. The cat sweater looks very pretty!

    With love,


  5. Искам пуловера с котенцето!!! <333

  6. I really like the skirt and scarf.
    Thanks 4 your comment on my blog :)

  7. OMG that cat jumper.. I need it! haha xx

  8. follow you too dear!

    New Post on the blog!

  9. great wishlist!!

  10. Hi dear!

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. I was scrolling down on yours and I love the featured posts!! What a great idea!
    I will follow you!!

    Love, Farah

  11. A short stroll around London - sounds like a dream. Read about you moving from Bulgaria, what a bold decision! Hope you're enjoying every bit of it.;) Really crushing on the cat face sweater by the way.


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