Monday, 27 October 2014

Jingle All The Way

A few days ago a friend of mine said she has already done her Christmas shopping, I was both surprised and worried. Am I doing the Christmas shopping wrong?
Every year I tend to get all my Christmas presents and decoration the first week of December, but when you have everyone around you shopping for the holidays, you start questioning your method.
So this year I am doing Christmas shopping a lot earlier!

I have started with getting a few small Christmas presents yesterday along with ribbons and wrapping paper. I have made up my mind about the colours; wrapping paper - either gold or red and colourful vintage looking ribbons, they are all so adorable, can't wait to show you the finished wrapped presents!

As for the table decoration, I am considering three different options, hopefully your comments will help me choose one of them. I am leaning towards the Winter Wonderland but love the other two as well.

Let me know what you think about the three options I am torn between and soon will post a
lot more Christmas updates!

                         Winter Wonderland // Winterly Red // Non-Traditional Christmas

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

To Fall In Love With Blogging All Over Again

I have given myself a rather "small" hiatus from blogging, well the past year I have posted maybe 5-6 times, which is probably the right amount for two weeks? I do not have the right formula but one thing is certain, I was not inspired to post.
Maybe the stress of work, every day life and all the irritation and frustrations I had were not letting me enjoy blogging anymore. Sometimes you just feel stuck, stuck in life, at work, at home...have you felt like that?

Well it is time to get "unstuck"! Recently I felt inspired again, maybe it is the autumn, the changes I decided to make or just the way I am trying to look at things now.  I don't know whether that will lead to me being actively posting every day but I promise that every time I feel like I have something interesting to share, to discuss or just a random "feel good" post I will be inspired enough to write it down for you.

And in the spirit of my new beginning I will share with you some random pieces I found and just fell in love with!

Aheeem! Christmas, people! *wink*wink* Hope someone got the hint!

Bedding: All Modern // Mug: Indigo // Woman Canvas: Etsy // Lamp: Zincdoor // Knitted Throw: Dunelm

How can you not absolutely love the bedding? Recently I have been really going crazy with the mint colour, I was considering of dedicating the whole wishlist to it, but I thought you might think of me as some mint crazy lady? On a completely different note, what do you think about the mug? Seriously sometimes Friday just can't come soon enough!
The throw blanket is a must in those chilly autumn days as well as some other things that are leading to my one of my next posts... *hint* Knits anyone?

My probably favourite part of the wishlist is the painting! Etsy is such an amazing place to find talented people that can craft, paint, sew etc... Of course there are no words to describe how much I like the ombre lamp even though it is pretty pricey! It will be so useful if you have any alternatives in mind?

Well I think that is all from me for today, Hope you enjoyed my little wishlist and I will see you really soon in my next post!

Lots of love,


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