Monday, 25 November 2013

Rocking Rudolph and Shimmering Snowflakes

Have you started your Christmas preparations yet? Well, I have, that is my first year in which I have actually started doing Christmas shopping before the beginning of December. Which in my case is a huge achievement having in mind I always leave things for the last moment? This year I casually started getting some nice pieces to decorate my Christmas table and around the house. I love the vintage and unique look not only for Christmas but for decorating your home as a whole. My family still have ornaments from my parents’ childhood, they are so pretty and no one can find them anywhere else now. However, there is a nice way to put new and old ornaments together. I still haven’t put up my Christmas tree but once I do I will put some photos of how it looks like. In this post I have put together the things I already have and what I want to buy for myself

I will first start with what I want to get and the place I usually look for unique stuff is Etsy. In picture I captured what I thought it will look perfect on my Christmas tree! See how adorable are the owl family in the first picture, my surname is not Sullivan, nor is 2012 but surely that can be fixed! And I think it is mainly for young families who have just had a baby and that is his/her first Christmas! Of course there should be something white and red to keep up the tradition and I happen to find exactly what I was looking for in the face of the lovely cushion like ornaments. Even though gingerbread man is not exactly popular in my country, I happen to find it quite fitting for Christmas tree so I picked that handmade gingerbread man ornament for my last pick (for now only!) from Etsy. 

Now slowly moving on to what I have already bought for the holidays. My first pick was the Scarlet Glory Table Centre which I think will make your table look really elegant. I fell in love with the colours and since I have never had a proper centrepiece why not get this and hopefully I can use for years. It is from The Partyware Shop, which is an amazing place at the moment for Christmas shopping, it is full of tableware decoration, honeycombs, garlands etc all organized in different themes. My favourite one is the Shimmering Snowflake, and I believe if you have young children the RockingRudolph will be perfect for them since it is playful and fun.

That's my Christmas shopping for now, once I fill my home with more small pretty things I will drop you a line! 

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Pink & Gold Theme Party Ideas

Don't you get inspired only by seeing beautiful pictures and colours? Well I do and I find it overwelming sometimes, it makes me want to start scrapbooking streight away with so many ideas about my future wedding, parties, gatherings with friends, travels and so many other inspirational thoughts running wild through my head. In fact, it is decided, I am starting a scrapbook, remind me to keep you updated how it is going. I know the first thing I will put there, a beautiful ideas how to make pink and gold colours theme party.

Aren't these pictures just gorgeous? The Victorian Mask is from Tom Banwell Designs Shop on Etsy. It gives you that mysterious look and with a proper make up you can easily steal the night.

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