Saturday, 29 December 2012

Featured:Girl in the Lens

As I promised I will try and keep my blog posts coming as well as my articles for Mixities.It is quite busy right now but I won't complain anymore and introduce you to the lovely Natasha,owner of Girl in the Lens ,a beautiful place for fashion inspiration, ideas and behind the scenes of press days for various brands.
Enjoy our  little chat and get to know her sweet personality and unique style.

Hi,Natasha,tell us something about yourself and what made you start blogging?

Hi! I'm a writer and social media freelancer. Last year, I was working at a social media agency, and everyone there had blogs, so I thought I should get start one too. Plus, I love reading blogs and was inspired by the fashion blogs I follow to create my own. I had no idea how large a part of my life it would become though!

Is it difficult to manage your time and how much time blogging actually takes you?

It’s definitely time-consuming. I work two days a week in London doing social media, and the rest of my time I split between my writing duties and blogging. Blogging is one of those things that you’ll get out as much as you put in, so I do invest quite a bit of time into it. Probably two hours a day at least. With social media accounts to look after like Twitter, it’s often a lot more! 

Who inspire you?

I’m inspired by so many other bloggers, especially in terms of photography. I love WishWishWish, Fashiontoast, Neon Blush, Raneth and Park & Cube especially. 

Can you describe your style in 3 words?

Uncommitted, comfortable, casual.

Do you have a favourite fashion designer or a brand?

So many! I love Isabel Marant, Helmut Lang, Zadig et Voltaire, IRO, Balenciaga … But I don’t have enough money to own that many designer items, and I love my high-street stores, including Zara, Topshop, ASOS and River Island.

What's your favourite item you bought recently?

The Zara heels I'm wearing here. They just go with everything. I've worn them in so many outfits, I'm sure my readers are getting a bit sick of seeing them!

What are the top 5 "must have" items in every woman's wardrobe according to you?
A simple white tee, a pair of blue skinnies, black boots, killer heels, and a dress that makes you feel amazing.

What is your dream job?Something connected with fashion?

I've actually got my dream job right now! I got a book deal this year with a publisher, and my debut novel comes out in stores Autumn 2013 :D You can follow my publishing journey on my new author blog.

That is great,congratulations!Now what about perfumes?Do you have a signature perfume?
CKIN2U - it's just fresh and clean smelling, and reminds me of summer.

What useful advice do you have for new bloggers?

Don’t lose sight of yourself. It’s so easy to say yes to every single PR enquiry, to try and dress in a particular way that you think will get you noticed. But that’s the best thing about blogging – it’s all about your own style and personality, so just be yourself. I’ve addressed more practical issues of starting a blog in general in a post here.


  1. Nice interview! I'm an avid reader of Natasha's blog :)

    1. That is great!Thank you for reading it! :)

  2. Great interview, interesting girl!

  3. That is a fantastic interview. I really hope you do a follow up when her book comes out!

  4. Hey, I nominated you for the Liebster award! :)

  5. Love your beautiful.*_*
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
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  6. Great interview!
    I love Natasha's blog so really enjoyed this feature.


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