Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The best snow day ever:Wish list

New Year has began and along with it comes ton of dreams and promises,I really hope all your dreams come true and hold on to all the new year resolutions you've made.
I wish you all a good health because what else is more important than that?And I do hope 2013 brings more love,joy,appreciation and endless journey of new great memories to my family,friends and you(my readers)! :))) 

I bet even after Christmas you can still go shopping and claim there is nothing worth wearing in your wardrobe.Aren't all girls the same?Well if you are exactly that girl,here is a wish list I made after Christmas,thinking that I still don't have enough winter clothes.And don't get fooled by the title,there is no snow in England,just the normal daily amount of rain...

Jacket:OASAP//Scarf:ObjectCI//Hat:River Island//Boots:Welikefashion//Ear Muffs:Accessorize//Lucky charm bracelet:Alexander McQueen

Have a good evening everyone!



  1. I hope you get eveything on your wishlist!

    >> <<

  2. Great, I was happy until I saw your wish list and now I have nothing to wear and I need all of those things!

  3. Love your blog. The featured posts are really fun and interesting to read.


    -Mia @ M i a B e l l a


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