About me

If you like my blog you are probably free-spirited,open-minded idealist who likes strange quirky things and is attracted to everything cute and sweet.

Once on my birthday, one of my most favourite people Alex wrote me a very sweet message which pretty much sums up what kind of person I am. She wished me a northern light, a cold beer, a puppy, the whisper of the ocean's waves, a beautiful movie, a colourful dress, a girly bracelet, a sun, a chilly summer night, good music and real friends! I'd like to think that I am all of those things!

 I am currently living in London,but I am born and raised in Bulgaria.I am taking my masters in Film Journalism and I am a freelance writer about Films,Fashion,Beauty and Trends, but I can also write about Travelling,Crafts,Health and pretty much everything that interests me.

Thank you so much for stopping by...grab a cup of coffee and stick around :) 

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