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Featured: Miss Beatrix

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a very girly and pretty blog called Miss Beatrix.I was immediately intrigued by it since I am keen on everthing cute and beautiful but also rock'n'roll!
Purple,pink,white and flowers... all perfectly combined in layout and special buttons without being too colourful.While browsing it I realised that I really wanted to feature her in my blog and thankfully she agreed.Her real name is Bernadeth,a collage student, a part-time blogger and photographer,who has a sight obsession with Korean stuff,dresses and skirts.

You are always sweet and smiling,tell us something about yourself and what makes you happy?
I'm Bernadeth G., a full time Tourism student and a part time fashion blogger.. sometimes also a photographer from the Philippines. Apparently, I am one of those girls who can't do a fierce or hot pose since it doesn't look good on me (haha!) and maybe the reason why is because I think, the simple things in life makes me happy... just like, if I wear something that I truly like, I feel like I'm always in a good mood.

Why do you initially decided to start a blog?
I started having a personal blog at the age of 14 and at that time, it was just stories of my everyday life --- very random, I must say but because I just don't have enough time to update I stopped and eventually got engage with photography. From then on, I started to experiment not only when it comes to photos but also in my style and then I realized, maybe I should share this to people? And so, I started my blog.

Describe your personal style in your own words.
I guess it would be Hannah Montana meets the real Miley Cyrus vibe! Girly but still a rock n' roll chick ;)

Do you find inspiration for your wardrobe from not so typical places?
Yes, totally! Sometimes, before heading out to have a family dinner or get together with friends... I would search for images of the place we are going and I would plan my outfit a day before and then, I would just imagine what should I wear to fit the theme or design of the restaurant. (Just like this post)

What are some of the best and worst aspects of running your own blog?
The best part is that you can inspire someone to express their style and let them see in my photos that all you need is to trust and give yourself confidence to wear something you truly like. The worst part is that you can gain haters and be judged by people because of what you do. 

The first thing that you look in another person's outfit is?
Their shoes! I'm such a believer of the quote "great shoes will take you to beautiful places" and so, I think wearing shoes that are something stylish but not exaggerated is important. 

Is there a fashion rule you never brake?
"If all else fails, dress like Rumi" - Fashiononymous. Lazy dressing but still very stylish!

What trends from this season you are most excited about?
I am really excited for the rise of sneaker wedges, it's not available here in my country and so, every time I would wear them at school... everyone is staring at my shoes! It's pretty amazing on how much I fall in love with them that I decided to explain carefully to my grandmother from the UK what it looks like so that I can have more of them. Imagine my effort haha!

What would you say to someone who seeks fashion advice?
You don't have to buy new clothes, just to have the style that you really want to have because sometimes all you need is a little bit of trust (to yourself) and a pixie dust (creativity and your own magic). 

What are your favourite places to shop?
Everytime I travel, I always look for H&M and cheap thrift shops. 

What can't you live without?
My family! They support me in whatver I do and I know they will always be in my side no matter what happens.

What are your greatest passions?
As of now, I know it's blogging! There's not a week that I can't stop myself from publishing a new post even though I got a lot of school works to do. And also, photography -- it's my first love so, it really feels great when you know you got a great photo at the end of the day. 

And my last questions is can you give my readers the best blogging tip you've learnt?

Never let someone down even if you already got a lot of compliments... always be humble.

Photos:Miss Beatrix

Thanks again to Bernadeth for agreeing to be featured and for answering my questions!

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