Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Father's Day Picnic Dad

Wow it has been forever since I last posted something here. 

It has been so hectic and busy with keeping up with work that I barely have any free time to post in the blog. It is not that I have nothing to post, I have been places, met people, found a lot of interesting things online that I wanted to tell you about but every time I open the blog to write I just feel my muse slipping down my fingers. Well today is one of those rare days when I actually have time to sit and put my random rumblings into writing. 

Father’s Day is coming up this week here in the UK and all I can see everywhere is promotions for greeting cards, meals and tickets to different shows. It all made me join in the hype and post something along the line of the holiday.

I have been kindly asked to pick my favourite Father’s Day style from Bonobos’s guide and I have set my eyes on the picnic dad!

The look is perfect for the season since the weather is quite nice but not too summery, after all I live in England and here you can never be 100% sure of what the weather will be like in the next 30 minutes. The choice of colours is quite good and I think it can be appealing to dads of all ages. 

The Deckhander - Navy//Yarn Spun Tee - Red & Grey Stripe//The Blue Jean - Full Bleach Wash//Volley OC - Blue

I hope you all have a marvelous Father’s Day on Sunday and try spending some quality time with your dads!

Talk to you all next time!

P.S Promise, it won’t take me that long for a new post!
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