Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Fall essentials part 1

I wasn't sure what was the point of "fall essentials" post but after going shopping for new fall items I realised that it is always good to have a list to follow or in another words "I want this" list!
I decided to make a couple of post dedicated to my fall favourite,that is why I will show you just one outfit today (I will keep the rest a secret until my next post ).

First, I really like chunky sweaters,those big ones that make you feel like a giant bear,well the one I chose today is not as chunky as you think but it is still soft and warm!For jeans I prefer darker colours during the fall and the winter.I am deffinitely into leather jacket this season,although this particular one is very expensive.The boots were chosen because of the heel,it is comfortable and not too high.It can't be described how much I like big black studded bags!That is why this one is on the list.I may never get exactly the same one (this one is from Target and I live in the UK) but we have Primark here!

Till next time with more fall essentials!

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