Thursday, 29 November 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmas time is upon us...brace yourselves!The decoration is up,the sales are coming,the weather is getting colder and colder and all I need is a cup of hot chocolate,some pillows around me and my laptop so I can share with you some preparation for my Christmas.

Unfortunately,this year I won't be going home for the holidays,the tickets are really expensive and I need to stay in London working but I still have my wonderful boyfriend here with me,so we will try to make the most of it!And I will keep you updated with all the wonderful decoration here-Covent Gardern and Oxord street look amazing!

The earier you start shopping,the better!I found myself eager to get the best Christmas deals and sales,but believe me,focus on your favourite brands and stores otherwise you will get completely lost calculating and looking new websites or stores.Let's be honest there are a lot of wonderful things everywhere you you can't buy everything....unfortunately!So for my first stop of the Christmas shopping I chose Modcloth and more specifically some of their vintage-inspired clothing and unique accessories! ModCloth doesn't only have clothing, however, they also have the cutest, retro home decorations like owl Christmas lamps,picture frames and pillows.
 I've already ordered the earrings and the scarf,the other items are some of my suggestions for you :)

The wall hooks look very cute and I can only imagine how great they will suit my room,the bag I chose because I like flower print clothes and accessories,the jacket is deffinitely something I'd love to wear,but right now I'm on a tight budget,you all know how it is around the holidays.Ordering the scarf and the earrings was a tought choice,because there are so many wonderful things to chose from...
Let me know what do you think about my little shopping list and I will keep you updated with wonderful pictures from London :)

~Let the Christmas mood surround you!


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