Friday, 12 October 2012

Fall favourite outfits vol 1

Fall has finally arrived!Not that I am happy but it's a fact and since I live in London fall is pretty much all the time.There are many beautiful things about that particular season;for example you can finally wear your comfy sweaters and jackets,you can put some nice boots.Of course autumn is not just about changing your wardrobe,it's about drinking hot tea,taking walks in the park with all the leafs falling down.One of my recent obsessions is "throw blankets"...I just really like how soft and fluffy some of them are.I recently perchased one from Primark for 10 paunds which is a really good deal especially when it has Christmas dears!(picture soon!)

Let get to the point of my post...fall outfits I am going to pick as my favourite ones.

I can't really wear this dress in London in fall but I adore Katie from Skunkboy Blog.She has such an unique style that if I could I would have ordered her whole wardrobe!

Blonde Bedhead was actually the first fashion blog that I came across a year ago and I was fascinated by it.Andrea is truly a special girl not afraid to take fashion risks! :)

What can I say about Kendi from Kendi Everyday?Her everyday outfits are a great inspiration to every girl and a huge plus is that almost every single outit is shot in a different place in the city she live in.

Last but not least is the New York Girl Kimberly from Eat.Sleep.Wear.Her classy chick style makes me want to live in New York sometimes!

That's all for now,the second part is coming soon! :)

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  1. them all! especially the last one!


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