Sunday, 4 November 2012

Earrings lover!

Earrings!!! For me it's the ultimate feminine accessory that is the perfect completion of an outfit.
It doesn't matter if it's an everyday one, business casual or an evening outfit,it is the perfect way to finish it and add something extra special to it.
To be honest I have a large collection of earrings,I get a pair almost every time I am out shopping,it's just a passion that I can't control(or at least I don't want to).Some of them are really cheap ones,other are hand made,some are gifts from friends...but I love every single pair!

Here are two of my recent purchases.I got them from a special store in my hometown of Plovdiv,Bulgaria.

And here is my recent earrings wish list!

1.House of Harlow-I am loving the brand recently,not only the accessories but the clothing as well!
2.Bird earrings- extremely cute and girly!
3.Inpink silver toned triangle cascade earrings- Inpink is one of my newest obsessions for accessories!They've got tons of amazing stuff and it is perfect for my tight budget!
4.Leaf Modcloth- It's never too late to have a nice pair of leaf earrings!
5.Thunderstorm Modcloth- Aren't they just super weird and cute?

Are you an accessories lover?Leave your lovely comments below :)

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  1. Amazing selection of earrings!
    You did great job!Really like 4 & 5 !!
    Thanks for visiting us!We like your blog too!!
    Shall we follow each other??


  2. great selection, especially the thunderstorm :)
    following you now ;)



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