Monday, 30 April 2012

Ready for the summer!

I am sooo anxious for this summer!I really can't wait for it,I don't think I have ever waited the summer for so long.That is because here in the UK the weather is always gloomy,foggy,rainy and depressing and people really need the sun.Well i don't know about other people,but I really can use some sunny days.
Unfortunately I still need to wait about 2 more months until I get back home.
It's sad but people don't appreciate the small things they have sometimes. For example the sun and the warmth of the sunny rays through the green trees,the happiness when you wake up and see that the weather is smiling at you as well, back home I took it for granted.Always cherished it but never really asked myself "What am I going to do without it?"
Now that I don't have it and my skin is as pale as Snow White's, I can say that I will definitely appreciate it more when I get back home.Wait....not when i get back home...I appreciate it now and I am praying for the sun to show up every day but I know that I will see it soon!Until then here is what every girl needs for the summer! :)

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