Thursday, 12 April 2012

Art installation projects or how to inspire people...

Yesterday I was using StumbleUpon(if you haven't, please may find so many amazing websites and blogs there)  and I found a website with art projects from Candy Chang who is an artist,designer and urban planner. Her goal is to make cities more comfortable and contemplative places according to the information i found.
The project I found is inspirational and can bring people together and it is an interesting way to express your dream and desires. It is called "Before i die" and it may seem a bit scary to think about that particular moment but the actual project is inspired by people's goals in life.Here are some pictures:

The project is expanding to various cities including Amsterdam, Portsmouth, Querétaro, Almaty, San Diego, Lisbon, London.
To read more about the installation or look for more information about the artist visit this website Before I die .

Personally I fell in love with an art installation called "Listening Post"when i was attending Critical Theories of Digital Media lecture at the university.
Here is the video of the installation if you are interested in learning more about it. I liked the idea of using the "I am..." line and the music is absolutely fitting!

See you later!And .... blogging is really becoming a hobby of mine. :) 

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