Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A new day...a new blog

I have never been interested in blogging...until several months ago when I was introduced to that amazing part of the internet community.I have read blogs before,don't get me wrong but I never really felt the need to keep one. Now as a part of my hobby and profession as a journalist I decided to dedicate my spare time to learn the craft of blogging.
This will be the place to post my inspirations( and it's not just writing)...articles, film reviews, fashion tips for women and one of my newest obsessions- crafting! I know,I know... every woman is into crafting. But I am not in that stage in which I can invent my own stuff, it's rather the stage when i copy and paste ideas from the massive community of the crafty women!And believe me they are....a lot!So some of my posts will be strictly connected with my little obsessions!I hope you will keep an eye on my blog and who knows... you may find something that is interesting to you as well! :)

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