Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Review:Gossip Girl Season 6 premiere

I don't know if I have mentioned this before but I watch a lot of TV shows for better for or worse.One of them is Gossip Girl,I started watching it after the first season and I was mildly intrigued by it.Not by the plot because the fabula is one and the same every single episode-rich good looking young people walk in New York in beautiful clothes,they talk,make conflicts,intrigues,some fall in love,others break up(the most important thing is that everybody sleeps with everybody!*surprise*) and then there is a every single episode!*shock*
I can't really explain my interest in it,it's probably the fact that generally people like watching good-looking actors on TV,big screens,ads...everywhere.
So I got a bit distracted here,let's get to the poin.
If you haven't watched the season 6 premiere episode,you probably won't understand what I am talking about but as I stated before all of the main characters are rich,spoiled kids who are just looking for trouble and where to spend their fortunes.I don't think you will have a huge problem understanding the's not Lost after all.

The season started just where the fifth one finished.Blair and Chuck were finally together for the 839842304 time after the charming brunette left the bushy-haired heartbroken Dan.Serena was again on drugs after being chased away by her friends.If all the people were doing this after a fight with their best friends now the whole population should be on drugs...but anyway...I said Rich.Spoiled.Kids!
Don't get me wrong,I watch the show,I will continue watching it till the end,but that doesn't stop me from thinking that it is absolutely predictable and not realistic at all,not to mention that it completely lost the initial idea.
After a quick jump two or three months ahead,we are introduced to the following picture:Dan is writing "the true" story of the Upper East Side somewhere in Tuscany(Italy) with Georgina,Nate is after Gossip Girl,Blair is running her mother's business and Chuck is after something...something connected Bart(no one knows what exactly...probably something as stupid as the story of his "not dead" father?!?)

Skipping ahead,Lilly has returned from a summer vacation with Bart.Yes, the man she left for Rufus(the love of her life).As dull as it may sound she remarried Bart...(make your own conclusions here)I know there are a lot of different people on Earth and some will do crazy things,some are nice and ordinary,but on what Earth is her behaviour okay?And why is Rufus acting like it's fine and everything's cool?And another "normal" behaviour of a mother,she never  heared from Serena the whole summer.Lilly claimed that her daughter never returned her calls,but isn't that what mothers are for?To worry for their children,to act like parents and not only thinking about themselves?

Too many decide how you can apply this to your life.Sometimes I'd like to think that everyone can get a moral from it and ask themselves "Is that how I want to live?"
But let's not fool ourselves,most people watch it just to see what clothes are the characters going to wear and what is the next party going to be like.
But that's the society we live in....unfortunately!

I will leave the rest of the plot to be a surprise for you,don't expect too much,it's just a TV show!


~ See you soon!

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