Thursday, 11 October 2012

Favourite Bulgarian Fashion Bloggers vol 1

As a proud bulgarian I can say that we have quite a few amazing fashion bloggers.To tell you the truth I wasn't a fan of fashion blogging before.But now I start to feel like it is something I can try myself.I still don't have the courage or the time to really dedicate myself but I am definitely thinking of it.
Enought about that here are my favourite BG fashion bloggers!

Ivanina's blog style by ivanina combines fashion finds and amazingly put together outfits from the young fashinosta.

FriChic or Ivelina is one of the fresh faces-different,stylish with a great eye for details.She is definitely a breath of fresh air!

Boyana from snow white in wonderland is also in my list of the best fashion bloggers.But her blog is not all about fashion and that is exactly why I like it so much.It has more to it!

All the women out there can very easy relate to Devora from straight up style.She is cute,young,fresh and adventurous.I love reading her blog and especially browse through her vacation photoes.

Maya from i heart mayais a absolutely stunning,she can be a high ashion girl and the next minute she can put her sneakers on.And somehow she reminds me of Nina Dobrev...what do you think?

I found True Dreamcatcher by chance but I am a constant follower ever since.Under Desislava's heavy fringe we can see a nice sweet girl who is not afraid to take fashion risks! :)

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of how to describe Sirma from Sirma Markova is Barbie.But she is so much more than a doll.Just browse through her blog and see how edgy and versitile she can be.


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  2. love all this list of fashion bloggers , of course there are others also , but love them all...

  3. Thanks for sharing them, I'm happy to found new fashion bloggers in my country!

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  5. Nice selections and sense of style. Pozdravi i uspehi, XOXO, Mimi


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