Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Celebrity Style Watch: Emma Stone

Aren't red haired girls charming?Remember Julianne Moore,Amy Adams,Alyson Hannigan,Isla Fisher and Marsha Cross.All of them stunning beauties with gorgeous fire hair!
I have always admired women with natural red hair,it looks so unique and pretty but I am not that brave to dye my hair red.I believe it can be a disaster!

Today I decided to have a close look at one cute red haired girl-Emma Stone(natural blond but red at heart).Recently everyone was her in the new Spiderman movie alonside her boyfriend Andrew Garfield.Her sweet personality and a charming smile bought her the first noticable role in Easy A,after the audience and spotted her talent she landed parts in Friends with Benefits,Crazy Stupid Love and The Help.With some intriguing new movies coming up this year her star is always shining bright in the night sky of Hollywood.

Emma's everyday style can be described as chic and classy,sophisticated rather than extravagant.Wearing long coats,riding boots and spotted with a beautiful Lanvin bags,Emma can be a true fashion inspiration.

She was named one of the most stylish women for 2012 by People Magazine alongside Gwyneth Paltrow,Kate Middleton and Jessica Alba.

Which one of her outfits you liked best?



  1. Her everyday style is how I wish I dressed! It effortless, chic and cool. I love her style! xx


  2. I Love Emma! She has such a lovely smile! :-)


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