Sunday, 28 October 2012

Warm Sunday Wish list

It's Sunday...the end of the week.I sit in the kitchen waiting for my meat (15 more minutes!) to be cooked and since it's so cold outside I decided to make a Warm Sunday Wish list.
I can't believe it's the end of October and it's barely 7 degrees out there. Covered with my "throw blanket" I am typing this post to show you what my cold hands want!

p.s just kidding,it's really warm in the house but I am still not used to the coldness outside!

1.Owl hat!-I have been looking for a proper one for quite some time but I think I set my eyes on this one from Dorothy Perkins.
2.Asymmetric cardigan-In my previous post about fall must haves,these layered,long cardigans were mentioned and this particular one caught my attention:)
3.Vero Moda Circle scarf- You just can't go wrong with an infinity scarf this season.
4.Opi Pink Friday- This is my nail polish selection for today.It is feminine,romantic and looks very comforting to me.That's why I love it!
5.Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra- I prefer nude lipsticks and this one I find suitable for my skin complexion.
6.Kohl's riding boots -Every girl needs at least a pair riding boots for the cold rainy days.
7.Knitted headband- It's perfect when you don't want to put a hat and it still keeps your forehead and ears warm.
8.Bucket shoulder bag-Ever since I saw Stella McCartney's chain leather bag I fell in love with them,so my choice for today is another version of it.

I'd be happy if you share your thought with me! :)



  1. Looks very warm! I really like the cardigan!


  2. Здравей, много сладък пост и блог! :)
    Правя първия giveaway в блога си, съвместно с един страхотен онлайн магазин за обувки и те каня да участваш!


  3. very sweet purple nail polish and riding boots!
    would you like to follow each other?

  4. Haha I love a funky hat! And boots are gorgeous! xx

  5. Здравей, сладурке! Понеже ми връща имейла и не мога да се свържа с теб, ти пиша тук (ти ако искаш като го прочетеш, го изтрий). За да завършиш успешно записването си в Giveaway-я ми трябва да изпълниш и 5-те условия, които съм написала: 1.Да си последовател чрез Google Friend Connect на блога ми. 2. Да харесаш моята фен страница във фейсбук. 3.Да харесаш страницата на магазина във фейсбук. 4.Да споделиш поста с Giveaway-я във фейсбука/блога или туитъра си и да си напишеш името и актуален имейл на коментар, за да може да се свържем с теб в случай, че спечелиш. (Сигурна ли си, че този които си ми оставила е актуален?)


    П.С. В самия ми пост избери BG менюто, за да прочетеш условията на играта =)

  6. thanks for the love hon, I'm following you now :)

  7. Lovely list - such pretty colours and I love the cute headband! Following back - your blog is so pretty! Have a lovely Tuesday ^^ ♥

  8. Absolutely love this list and, oh my God, I fancy that owl hat! Lovely!

    Following back - great looks!


  9. That owl hat is so cuteee! <3

    Jennie xo |


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