Saturday, 27 October 2012

7 "must haves" for your fall wardrobe

I decided it's time to share with you my fall wardrobe "must haves".It's just my opinion and the way I see the fall through the eyes of a fashion enthusiast.It would be great if you give me some comments what you think and do you have your own fall must have list.


We all know that they go well with everything-jeans,trousers,pencil skirts,denim skirts,elegant dress,heels,flats etc.It is one of the most versatile items ever.Work with colours,put a T-shirt and a statement necklace and you can have your everyday look very easily.

2. Over-sized scarf

Scarves are one of the most comfortable clothing pieces, just the right item to finish your look.They go well with pretty much every sweater,blouse or T-shirt and if you live somewhere with colder winter,it's exactly what you need.

3.Over-sized sweaters

Two words-warmth and comfort!That's all I can say about them.Highly recommended! :)

4.Long cardigan

It can be worn with a T-shirt,blouse or a tank top,very versatile and comfortable.You can accessorise it with a thin belt,this way it will highlight your waist.

5. Black studded leather bag

I like leather bags and now with all "studded" items out there,why not choosing leather bag with studs?Of course as an animal lover I always make sure that it's not real leather.

6.Riding boots

Every girl need a at least one pair riding boots,they are super warm and perfect if you need to spend all your day walking.

7.A beanie

Whether you chose the knitted or the woven one,the beanie is warm and comfy-perfect for those cold days that you just want to stay home but have to go to uni or work.

I hope you all enjoyed my fall "must haves" wardrobe suggestions.I you have a similar post about your suggestions,please give me a link in the comments so I can see it as well.
Thanks for reading!



  1. always keep your beautiful imagination and exquisite humor xx

  2. Thnak you for your lovely comment! :)

  3. Blagodarq za komentara mila:) Subitieto beshe v edin klub vyv Vienna
    Veche sym ti posledovatel, uspeh s blogcheto :)

  4. I am going to agree with you 100 percent on your list, blazers are a must for anyone's wardrobe since they can be worn with anyone's personal style and a warm scarf is a must for cold weather. :) Ooohh, huge fan of long, cozy cardigans!


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