Thursday, 25 October 2012

Making Shopping Social

Shopping online was never something I truly liked,maybe because I had a bag experience once with ordering a particular dress but when the package came it was nothing like what I saw in the pictures.It was way too big,different fabric was one word a disaster!

But living in the age of online shopping I couldn't escape it.Slowly but surely I start using Ebay,which is absolutely amazing!Then came Amazon and finally I started shopping clothes from different brands like Urban Outfitters,H&M,Boohoo etc.At first I only started doing it because some of the online shops didin't have a store where I lived so I didn't have any choice but to trust I am shopping online a lot of clothes,accessories and a lot of things I need for my house,so I was looking for some sites offering good deals and I found several really great ones(I will make a list soon,I promise!).

My newest discovery is a website called Mallzee,which is going to officially launch later this year but you can have a special preview.Users can create their own personalized shopping mall(Mallzee) by picking their favourite brands and stores.The special software then creates an unique selection of productes matching your own personal style and showcases them in your personal Mall.

The special thing about the website is that you can browse your friends online wardrobes,create polls and even integrate your facebook chat in it.

But the best thing I left for last.An added bonus to inviting friends to your mallzee is that as the ‘owner’ you earn money every time anyone buys from your Mallzee, including you! 

Currently over 200 brands are signed up with the website,I can see that some of my favourite ones are there too- Urban Outfitters,New Look,Feel Unique and St.Tropez.

There is also a current competition to win £100 ($155)!

I really want to see the website working and try making my own mall with a special selection of clothes!

What do you think,leave your comments below regarding Mallzee or just to share opinion on shopping online! :) 


  1. Thank God online shopping exist. You don't have to wait for hours to try or paying.

    I really like your blog, i'm also following you!



  2. Very interesting concept!

    Ali of:

  3. Oh wow, that is such a cool concept!! The things they think of these days, ha ha :)

  4. very interesting indeed!



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