Saturday, 12 January 2013

11 Inspirational Home Wall Art Ideas

You know how much I like interior design ideas and I believe I've mentioned before that I collect interior design photos...well I've lost the count but I think right now they are probably more than 1000.And it's always difficult to choose the top pictures among so many,but I will try my best providing you with some inspiration for interior design lovers. If you like looking at architectural magazines or interior design pictures you will find something special in every single one of the photos, see it for yourself and enjoy the tree domination!

Pictures: Pinterest


  1. These are very inspirational! ♥

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    Joyce ♥
    Check out my blog :) New blog post! – Vogue Trends S/S 13
    Sunshine & Rain

  2. Beautiful images, wow! *-*

  3. I'm a huge fan of interior design, it's so much fun! Loving the wall art. The trees are fab but I could really see myself having that awesome map!

  4. that's a nice inspiration photo's:}
    i think there's so many ways you can play with wall art and make it beautiful and unique;}

  5. Make it sure that your wall inspire you everytime you look into it, that relieve you from stress and you will know it if you're going to wall art design online first.


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