Sunday, 1 December 2013

Annie Haak Designs Press Day

This week I was invited to attend Annie Haak Designs press day over breakfast with some great bloggers and the designer herself in the heart of London. The atmosphere was lovely, who can resist tea, coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, waffles and pancakes and many many jewellery sitting all gorgeous and pretty just a few steps away from us.
It was a very special girly breakfast discussing fashion, movies and most of all Annie's precious pieces. The British designer is a very down to earth and friendly person, she was eager to give us as much information as we wanted and answered all of our questions. It was new to me to find out she is based in Bali for the most of the year, where Annie gets her inspiration from. Many of her designs are intended to carry a special meaning or symbols representing luck, love, protection, strength and well-being. She was described to me by one of her friends and co-workers as "both very talented and ambitious". Which I could clearly see by the variety of beautiful jewel pieces I had the luck to see in person.

Her new collection is stunning, making it a perfect gift for someone special for you. I am not going to lie, every girl can easily pick at least a few bracelets from the winter collection and write a letter to Santa with that specific request . My personal favourite is A Yard of Gold bracelet, which is a yard-long wrap of gold and was designed to act as five bracelets in one. And the special mention is for The Golden Santi My Guardian Angel Charm Bracelet, which can feature a personalized initial, a guardian angel and a choice of mantras. There is something unique for every woman from rose gold stacks to charm bracelets in gold and silver and dazzling stacks of gold in colour.
Now enjoy the pictures I have taken, they will represent the atmosphere of that amazing press day...well at least part of it!

The amazing breakfast!

Special gift from Annie Haak!

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  1. Gorgeous!


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