Saturday, 19 January 2013

Saturday DIY!

I discovered the world of crafts and DIYs last year between my studies and the little free time I had reading blogs and stumbling upon some very creative websites with many wonderful ideas I never thought exist.
Of course I bookmarked a bunch, making them my everyday routine in the long hours of travelling in London. They can be quite interesting and informative, therefore I almost missed my bus stop a couple of times. My newest discoveries in the DIY area include some of my favourite websites listed below :)

A Beautiful Mess - one of the most creative websites out there, thanks to Elsie and Emma. This time the two talented girls present this light headboard, which is a very creative decoration idea for any type of room.

I love the originality Geneva from A pair and a spare has when it comes to DIY fashion. Who can come up with  a better idea for that skirt?

This stylish ring doesn't cost a fortune, just a small part of tile and a little of your time! Great DIY project from FabYouBliss!

I hope you liked my selection of DIYs I found this week! I you decide to try some of them, send pictures to my facebook page, so anyone can see your masterpiece ;)

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  1. Great DIY's! I'm really loving that skirt.

  2. gotta love your blog. its sooo cool! new follower! =)


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