Friday, 26 October 2012

Lovely accessories

First, I want to thank you all for the amazing comments,I appreciate you taking time to write me something nice :)
And second,my next article for Mixities in online now,it's about James Bond Girls it's called "Bond Girls-the object of desire",if you have some time on your hands or you are a Bond fan exited for Skyfall,feel free to read it!

Today I've been browsing through Etsy and my trinkettes, new obssessions of mine,and I found some really nice accessories I wanted to share with you.I love those cute and unique pieces which are somehow made just for you.

1.Leather bracelet
2.Heart ring
3.Giraffe necklace
4.Carpe diem ring (it reminds me of a dear friend)
5.Long earings!
6.Moon necklace
7.Pearl earings
8.Love ring

I hope you liked my suggestions,if you have any favourite pieces,give me a link below 'cause I love exchanging ideas! :)



  1. Great accessories! love the earrings and the flower bracelet!

  2. Lovely items! The giraffe necklace is so sweet! xx

  3. Wow what a great find that My Trinkets site is great!!!

    Ali of:

  4. Thanks girls!

    My trinkets is amazing and it's really cheap,definitely a good find! ;)


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