Sunday, 21 October 2012

Celebrity Style Watch:Nina Dobrev

Today I am starting a new let's say "column".Every week I will be showing you one celebrity presenting his/her style that cought my attention.Today the celebrity I have chosen is the bulgarian born actress Nina Dobrev.Some of you may know her from the CW's series "The Vampire Diaries",where she plays Elena Gilbert/Katerina Petrova.

Her style can't be described with one word-she can be glamorous at the Emmys, the next day you can see her in a boho dress at a music festival with her boyfriend or wearing a short silhouette dress for a fashion photoshoot.Either way she is an inspiration to a thousands of screaming fans of the vampire saga.
Nina's everyday wear doesn't differ too much from yours,she looks like an average young girl with skinny jeans,t-shirts,aviator's sunglasses and boots.If you want to follow her style,get to the nearest store and buy a beanie.It's a must have!

Leave in the comments below which is your favourite celebrity style...who knows I may feature it here soon! :) 

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  1. Aaaaah the fact that you love this women had me sold haha she is a beauty!! sweet blog :) now following xx


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