Saturday, 20 October 2012

Nail trends I am loving!

Happy Saturday!Most people are looking forward to this time all week long.
Let me tell you a secret...I was waiting Saturday as well,and not because I was tired and I wanted to rest during the weekend but because my first piece of writing got published in a website.It is called Mixities and it shows London's night life,a Mixities Mag which will involve writing on films,fashion,music,travel and more will be developed as well.I am so looking forward to be involved in this project.I have my own section now called "Friday Fashion" and the first post is about "The Little black dress".You can check it out if you are interested here.

Let's move to my favourite recent nail trends.

First,for the most part of the summer I was wearing my nails like this-combining two colours with the help of a sponge.It is unique and very cute,easy to achive even though that takes up some time.

The next one is colouring the tip of the nails in different bright colours.It is fun and perfect to match with your wild side.

Next one is not a trend,it's just my own preference.I've been loving this colour for a month now and it may not go well with most of your clothes but it somehow keep a part of the summer.I know it's stupid but it reminds me of the beach,of the sun and the endless summer nights!

The combination of solid colour and a sparkling nail polish was always one of my favourite.So use it when you are going to a special event or a birthday party...and why not for just a normal ordinary day?

Last but not least is my dotted nail obssession.I like all sizes of dots, it's even better when they are combined!

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