Wednesday, 24 October 2012

15 inspirational living rooms

Interior design was never a huge interest of mine...not until recently.After spending considerable amount of time reading Architectural Digest I kind of started having a crush on beautiful living rooms,boho bedrooms,vintage kitchens and cosy fireplaces along with bright colours,unique decoration and ornaments.I even started gathering pictures around the web of what my future home will be.Everyone can dream,right? Here is a selection of some living rooms I find truly beautiful.

P.S Beware I have a huge obsession with decorative lights for bedrooms and handmade decoration that are coming in the next posts! :)

It's really difficult to pick just 15 from more than 700 pictures I've gathered.I will put more of my "best of best" most inspirational interior design ideas soon!Leave a comment below if you are also a home interior lover like me! :)))



  1. I love interior design! And I also love loong at pictures like these, it's all about taking inspiration and making it work for your space and lifestyle. Thanks for this, this post is going on my bookmarks! I'm also in blogloving, following you there. xx

  2. Aww thanks for the sweet words!I'm following you there as well! :)

  3. 700 pictures oh my!! Well ya did a good job picking! Wow.

    Ali of:

  4. I know...700 is a big number but I believe I have more than that,just scared to admit it! :P



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